task 1

1. as the act of reclaiming a beach from erotion

2. becouse in other words sand si added to the area that was lost to erotion reclaiming the shore line that once was

3. in the oncean beaches and beach shore line

4. once the sand is obtained, its deposited at the site. sand is either directly applied or the sand that has been gathered is cleaned throught a heat process and then deposited. the sand extends the shoreline to its original borders or extends the beach farther into the body of water it is adjacent to

5. is tomprotect development properties from strom damage. To estend beach for public use and to re-establish sand bars

6. most useful material is sand

7. yes because can destroy our nature especially in the text is beach

8. The concrete examples of beach reclamation is sand bars that protect areas like the Barrier Island of South Carolina  

9. problem of dredging is the cost. the cost is on going just as the erosion is going

10. The other methods of beach reclamation is undercurrent stabilizer technology. It neutralizes the impact dredged channels have on sandy beaches

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