task 3

1. If sand is deposited to the area that was lost to erosion, it will be extend the beach into the body of water it is adjacent to.
2. Beachfront properties would be at risk from erosion, if there was no adequate barrier between large bodies of water like oceans.
3. A lot of money had been invested for the beachfront properties by their owners, if they would have wanted to have their building and business not destroyed by hurricanes or sea storms.
4. If these properties will be destroyed by high tides, erosion, or hurricanes, there is nothing to protect them.
5. If sand will be added to the beach without any consideration, the creatures such as plants and animal that exist on the beach can often be destructed.
6. The animals and plants that living at the bottom of the body of water being used to retrieve sand would have died, if dredging had taken their life from their habitat.
7. Dredging itself will be destructive to coral and other animals, if they use the area for feeding, breeding, or living purposes.
8. Dredging would be very expensive and the cost often exceeded the possible benefits of the beach nourishment, if the cost estimation were not calculated properly.
9. If Holmberg Technologies are able to promote natural beach nourishment or reclamation, their best method needs to take into account.
10. If Holmberg Technologies’ product was cheaper than dredging, some people would opt it for another type of beach reclamation.

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